We help companies boost Productivity and Customer Experience, building real Digital Collaboration and Recognition Culture.


We boost customer service through a better employee experience, fostering customer to employee recognition and reviews, but also among colleagues in a daily basis.

Reconocimiento Cliente a Empleado

Customer to Employee Recognition

Let your customers show gratitude to your frontline staff. Skyrocket their performance by boosting their professional and personal motivation.

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Mystery Shopping Guudjob

Customer Care Survey

Customers love to rate employees as a reward or way for improvement. Take advantage of this willingness to participate and ask about your overall customer care or other details. On a daily basis. And real time.

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Reconocimiento Laboral entre Empleados

Recognition Programs among Colleagues

On going “Guudjobs” through personalized recognitions, badges and prizes to those great employees within your company.

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Evaluación del Desempeño Guudjob

Real-Time Employee Performance Review

Ongoing employee performance reviews. Set up your campaigns to measure performance, skills, core values or work environment in a daily basis.

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Many companies boost their customer satisfaction and employee experience through recognition programs

The importance of Recognition in your company

Evaluación del Rendimiento guudjob

Performance Improvement

Happy employees increase productivity up to 31%. Recognizing people for their accomplishments and good work is a powerful driver to improve professional performance.

Mejora Profesional Guudjob

Ways of Improvement

Detect actionable and clear ways to improve your staff´s performance. Set the right training programs to proactively close those gaps.

Salarios Emocionales

Emotional Salaries

Foster Emotional Salaries through professional recognition, increase employee motivation, and reduce absenteeism and talent loss

Engagement Recursos Humanos Guudjob

Foster Employee Engagement

Improve Employee Experience. Grow staff´s involvement and sense of belonging thanks to bigger motivation.

Retén el TalentoRetain Top Talent

Retain your best employees with emotional salaries and professional recognition, identifying who they are on a regular basis, communicating their achievements, and making them feel highly regarded.

Humaniza tu Marca

Humanize your Brand

Businesses are all about people. Personalize customer and employee experience to the maximum exponent after every direct interaction; face-to-face, phone, or digital.