How real is «happy employees make happy customers»? – Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken, customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling business author, visits Guudjob’s Customer Experience Academy to share with us how real is «happy employees make happy customers».

If you do not have time to watch the video, we summarize it in this brief reading.

It’s real simple. What’s happening on the inside of a company or an organization is felt on the outside by the customer .

Imagine this: if you take somebody, if you’re the manager and you take them into the back room and you tell them: » you’re doing a lousy job you’re terrible and now…get out there and be nice.!» It’s very incongruent behavior, it doesn’t work.

So happy employees it doesn’t always equal happy customers, but usually it’s happening.

There’s some interesting statistics if you look at the best companies that are measured with surveys and studies that come out. If you look at those great companies and then you go to another survey that surveys how happy employees are with the companies that they work, many times are exactly the same companies.

In the United States we have  the American Customer Satisfaction Index  and also a  website called to mesuare the customer experience of the companies. If you look at the companies that are ranked high with the ACSI and high on, you’ll see that  many times you will find the same companies that are considered the best.

In one of my books I talked about Herb Kelleher who was the originator of Southwest Airlines original CEO of Southwest Airlines  in the U.S. Southwest Airlines year after year, quarter after quarter, typically outperforms all the other airlines and profitability and customer satisfaction scores.

Guess what? If you look at the employees, an employee satisfaction as well so… Years ago Herb Kelleher said when he was asked the question: What’s more important: the shareholders who invest in us as a passenger or is it the employee?

His basic answer was the employees. If you make the employees happy they will turn around and work hard to make the passengers happy and if the passengers are happy they’re going to fly on the airline again and again. And that’s going to make our investors or shareholders or  happy.

So… that’s the answer!


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