How important is Public Recognition nowadays? -Shep Hyken


When we do things really well, we like to be acknowledged; and when our achievements are recognised, we feel that our hard work is worth it. Shep Hyken, customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling business author, visits Guudjob’s Customer Experience Academy to share with us his vision of public recognition.

If you do not have time to watch the video, you can read this brief summary.

Employee recognition is the acknowledgement of a job well done, and it is also about showing employees the respect they deserve. Shep Hyken makes clear that when a manager or a leader, or even a co-worker, shows appreciation towards their employees or team-mates, they will feel positive and are motivated to maintain or improve their good work, in order to gain more recognition.

When the recognition is public, Shep states that he would ask employees their opinion and how they feel about. «If you are going to recognize an employee publicly, I would ask the employees how they feel because I would not want him to be embarassed. Obviously, if everybody is coming to an awards banquet for example, the situation is different, because everybody is expecting that there will be the person of the year or best customer service rep, best salespersons, etc. Otherwise, if you are going to put somebody’s name into your weekly newsletter, it would be better to ask before how they feel about this recognition».

According to Office Vibe, it is important to understand the value of recognition and learn how to do it properly. For instance, their recent study on employee engagement shows that 82% of employees want their leader to notice their work. They prefer praise than gifts.

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