What does it mean be a Customer Centric Company? – Shep Hyken


Shep Hyken, customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling business author, visits Guudjob’s Customer Experience Academy to share with us what does it mean to be a Customer Centric Company.

If you do not have time to watch the video, we summarize it in this brief reading.

Customer centric companies basically think about the customer with every decision that they make. That doesn’t mean they’re going to make a decision that makes every customer happy but they consider the customer with every decision they’re taking.

Example 1

For example if we have a new process that we decide to implement a new software, it’s just going to be great for us. It’s the customer going to notice anything different? And the answer might be no. And that’s great just because we don’t want to put a process in place which is going to cause any problems for the customer.

Example 2

How about this other example? You know price of doing business is going up for us to provide great service, so we’ve got to add another couple of people on to our support center just because we need to do some other things and this is going to cost more money.  The consequence is that the price is going to raise in order to maintain the level of service that we’ve always given our customers.
How do you think the customer is going to feel about that ? They’re probably not going to be very happy if we have raised the price. But…would they be
happy if we lower their service? Definitely lowering the service would be worse than raising the price. So let’s consider raising the price.


At least they’re keeping in mind what the customer is going to feel and experience. Not all decisions make customers happy but all decisions should keep the customers and mind and hopefully all the decisions they make are ultimately for the benefit of the customer even if there’s a little bit of pain involved.

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