Everything about Guudjob

From Scratch

“I would love to help that waitress by telling everybody that she did a wonderful job! ”.

Those were our thoughts one morning during a wonderful brunch at a New York City Cafe during a wonderful brunch. We went to the manager to make sure he noticed how lucky he was to have this waitress on his staff restaurant. Her boss must know how good she was. The Manager smiled and respond “Thank you. You are more than welcome to submit a review on Yelp”. “No” we said. We then replied “No, we actually didn’t like the food and Yelp isn’t the correct platform to submit a review about people’s work.

Guudjob idea came to our heads. We need a Platform to rate people´s work in real time.

One step further to enhance professional trust

Those Guudjobers which definitely deserve it, now can tell the world that they are doing a Guudjob. Because not everyone is Guud are their jobs, Guudjob is here to fight mediocre performance and excel through meritocracy for those who usually do a GREAT Job.

Don´t just say Good Job. Review it at GuudJob!

Our Mission:
Help any Guud Professional excel from the others through ratings and reviews on their GuudJob.

Acerca de Guudjob
Businesses are made of people. And this is our mission, help Guud Professionals to improve their performance and trust in the professional market.

It´s pretty simple and straightforward. As much reviews as you get, people will trust you more in a transparent and trustful way. A brand new way that let those who deserve it, excel from the other regular professionals.

And that is Guudjob, the place where you can rate any professional in real time, bringing Trust through your opinions regarding their performance at their jobs.

Professional Trust in Guudjob

We´re talking about those good workers who want to get known, reach new customers and grow professionally, but don´t really know how to do it. At the same time, there´s a lot of people willing to reward, recognize and recommend those excellent performers.

The tool for professionals who are great and are aware of it; and also want to receive constructive feedback in order to keep growing and improving.

A place to look for high quality professionals, even those who have been rated by your Facebook friends. Search, sort, and contact them. It´s totally free.

Mobile Experience

Guudjob was born as a mobile experience. Mobility, geolocation, and real time reviews make Guudjob an easy and effective rating tool. The ability to search and contact professionals near you is just one click away


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