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We combine our unique gamified methodology to help you improve your employees’ experience through a real culture of direct recognition and feedback.


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Guudjob helps your professionals stand out and recognize their work, increasing motivation, with a clear impact on business results.

Guudjob has enabled us to improve customer retention and reduce employee turnover, allowing customers to rate our Call Center agents after interacting with them.

Thanks to Guudjob we have generated a greater commitment and engagement with our delivery workers, as well as listening to the experience of our customers in real time.

Guudjob is a unique solution to elevate the motivation and engagement needed to retain the best professionals. That’s why we’ve given them the Prize of best Customer Experience Solution from DEC Association

Guudjob has opened us the opportunity to democratize recognition in a direct and transparent way. It allows us to listen not only to our client 24/7 but also to our employee, with key information for our growth

It’s a great way to value real-time attention. It serves as an indicator of the quality of the service we give to the customer. Customers finally feel taken into account. Motivation Boost and this impacts on our note on Tripadvisor and Booking.