Guudjob grants rater badges to recognize and thank those users who share their opinions about professionals, benefiting all of the community (starting with those being rated).

How to earn badges

You’ll receive your first badge (Pipiolo) when you post a rating of someone’s work in Guudjob. From then on, you can get the following badges:

Rater: 15 points
Referente: 30 points
Elite! 50 points

We’ll grant you points when…

…you rate. It’s that simple. You share your experience with any professional and we’ll add points to your user.

If you rate a professional that already has a Profile in Guudjob, you’ll get 2 points.

If you rate a professional who doesn’t have a Profile in Guudjob (you cannot see his little face in the app), you’ll get 1 point.

What are these badges for?

The more ratings you post, the more value your comments have. And not only figuratively.

As you climb up categories, your ratings will be held into account more than others because of the algorithm we use to calculate professional’s mean score. The more you use Guudjob, the more your opinions will be “heard”.