• The processes have a duration of one natural month. At the end of the month the winners will be notified.

• Number of recognitions / votes available per employee: 3 per month.

• Anyone from Natra can vote, regardless of the area and as long as the following sub-criteria are respected:
> You can only vote for the same person once a month.
> If the three recognitions / monthly votes are carried out, at least one of them must go to a person from another area of Natra -see the criteria to determine winners.

• Each of the Natra’s areas will have a GOLD Award winner every month and in the case of the Operations area, there will be one winner for each plant so, in conclusion, there will be 13 winners per month.

1. Finance
2. R&D
3. People
4. Commerce
5. Sourcing
6. Food Safety & Quality
7. Category Management
8. Operations – Malle plant
9. Operations – Jacali plant
10. Operations – Saint-Étienne plant
11. Operations – Oñati plant
12. Operations – Canada plant
13. Operations – Valencia plant

• You can vote monthly recognizing any of the Natra´s values. Despite of that, Natra will promote a certain value during each quarter.

• Each quarter a single global winner will be determined, based on the number of recognitions received of the value previously set for the quarter: PLATINUM Distinction.

• At the end of the year (it is understood as a period of 15 months because that is the time required to deliver the 5 Platinum distinctions, each one oriented to one value and for a three months period) when the end of Guudjob is close, a Natra´s global winner will be determined: DIAMOND Distinction.



    GOLD: The employee with the highest number of awards obtained during the month in their area and, in the case of Operations, in their corresponding centre,
    as long as you have obtained a minimum of 5 recognitions and at least a number of recognitions that represent 10% of the people adhered to Guudjob in your area and, in the case of Operations, in your centre.

    • Tie-break criteria:In the event of a tie in the Gold category, the winner will be defined by: The highest number of Likes in the recognitions received.

    ·       In equality of recognitions and likes, will be taken into account the number of votes of the value set  as the quarter´s value.

    Visual example:

    Recognitions Received Likes of the Recognitions
    17 43
    17 67 Winner

    PLATINUM: The employee who during the quarter obtained the highest number of recognitions in the value set by NATRA for that quarter.

    Tie-break criteria: In the event of a tie, the winner will be defined by:

    1. A) The number of Gold Distinctions obtained in the quarter (in case of a tie, “criteria B” will be taken into account)
    2. B) The number of likes obtained in the quarter.
  • ANNUAL (Five quarters)

    DIAMOND: The employee who has obtained the highest number of recognitionsin the course of 15 months.

    Tie-break criteria: In the event of a tie, the winner will be defined by:

    1. A) The highest number of Golds (in case of a tie, “criteria B” will be taken into account)
    2. B) The highest number of Platinums obtained (in case of a tie, “criteria C” will be taken into account)
    3. C) The highest number of likes.


GOLD: Methacrylate Gold format + NATRA set of product

PLATINUM: Methacrylate Platinum format + a gift to choose between:
• Suitcase (Trolley Cabin Roncato Ironik 4W)
• Chocolate Fountain (SKB 3248).

DIAMOND: Methacrylate Diamond format + a weekend for two people with full board at a destination with a NATRA production plant.


If you have any technical issue, please reach out to Guudjob on the following email [email protected]

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